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Major five New Inventions and Systems you have at any time viewed just before.
In This Video you can see Cool Gadgets

1. ” Bedjit ” – Ultra-Rapid Cooling Heating & Local climate Control Method just for your Bed . Its the Powerful cooling, heating & Local climate Control for your bed.
2. 3D Scanner ” BEVEL ” – Portal 3D photography now into your arms it can also take videos. Make your Photo really 3D ignore 2d shift to 3D your 3D portal machine.
three. ” BlueSmart ” – The first Carrier ( Suitcase ) that connects to your good mobile phone. Its attributes – Digital lock, proximity sensors , spot monitoring, trick monitoring facts, crafted in battery to cost mobile phone six occasions.
four. ” Opal Nugget Ice ” – Ice Maker , make ice rapid with texture ,take a look at and chilled any time.
five. ” Skully “- Helmet for your digital age , Clear heads up display, Ultra vast rear-see camera, electro chromic visor

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  1. 1) Bedjet is stupid

    2) Bevel design a SmartPhone with this built in, not as an extension to get in the way

     3) BlueSmart, airlines are going to allow your luggage in the ships hold to
    have an electronic device in the on position, as could be a way of
    detonating, as batteries for the e-cigarette or hover-board batteries
    catch fire or explode

    4) Opal Nugget Ice, we have refrigerators with
    automatic ice makers and filtering built in, who has a lot of counter
    space for the Opal.  Price $ 449.00 or less than $449 ?

    5) Skully, awesome, although I no longer ride, rear camera with
    passenger would obscure the view.  If there was an additional rear
    camera mounted on the bike, and by bluetooth/WiFi see behind from either camera via the Skully cool…what is in the helmet if it could actually be a small console on the bike
    and the Skully plugs into that device would be nice. 

    I have had full face/Skull Bucket helmets, riding a touring bike with full windshield, and at 115 mph, my head was buffeting violently (irregular oscillation), how does the Skully do ?

  2. are you kidding me? why haven't you done more of these serious omg best list ever its perfect I love it omg congratulations on the greastest of all mojo lists wow hell yea thank you

  3. None of these really meet their advertising expectations. The 3D camera isn't "universally compatible." The nugget ice machine's ice would just melt and have to be remade all the time because the ice container isn't kept in an enclosed space. And the last one is just what crotch rocket riders DON'T need.. More things to distract them and make them worse drivers.

  4. ::intense guy:: "Skully… is .. the .. future.. . Join.. the.. revolution.." What, so if I buy this extremely expensive kickstarter helmet, then I get to be in a revolution? Cool! What are we revolting against?

  5. If the helmet simply tells me stuff that looking down at my current motorcycle display tells me, then I don't see that it is anything other than a gimmick. When a heads up display offers me more information that I currently have, such as voice controlled active location informational services, then that would be cool.

  6. I honestly don't get why the fuck number four is even a useful thing, like really? I've got an ice maker on my fridge that can do that, and number five sounded like a trailer for a Micheal Bay movie. :/

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