New Battery Technology

Only a issue of time prior to somebody can make a handheld plasma cutter and thusly generate the world’s shortest bladed light saber.


  1. A123 cells are lithium-ion cells, although somewhat different than most. This video is old. The company seemed to be having modest success for a while, but eventually went nowhere. Their cells had no clear advantage over other more traditional lithium-ion cells on the market.

  2. It seems very possible to soon have nano-driven lead-plated batteries that will fully self-recharge through understanding that atoms are in constant motion just by setting up an internal chain of micro-sized dynamos exponentially triggering each to spin clockwise which will produce more power the hotter it gets… unlike those conventional.

  3. I used to watch this show "Beyond 2000" back in the late 1990's and I remembered this video from that show.. There has been a dozen revolutionary batteries that the tech shows keep claiming, but none of them end up in the market. They are all Vaporware.

  4. I got it 20 years old but it might be brother I just throw a couple things on my YouTube channel that I think are cool… but you're right the animation reeks of the late nineties haha

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